CH Alnairs Mailman x Talisman Behind the Curtain.

                                        Dailo's Docter Love.

                                       Dailo's fatal Attraction.   


                                               Dailo's Fast Love.


                       CH Alnairs Mailman x CH Alnairs Platinum Edition

                                          Dailo's Black Edition

                                           Dailo's Red By Request


                                              Dailo's Mister Vain


                                         Dailo's Limited Edition

                    ch Alnairs mailman x Dailo's pocket full of sunshine.
                            Dailo's special delivery by mailman.

                  Alnairs Mailman x Risingstar's it's showtime for Dailo's.

                                 Dailo's Black label / Johnny.


                                 Dailo's Mister Vain / Hotshot.

                               Dailo's Limited edition / Sugar.


                                  Dailo's Red edition / Ruby.