Offspring Dailo's Lunar Eclips.

                              Dailo's Lunar Eclips x Dailo's Coco Jambo.

                                            Dailo's Blow My Mind


                                       Dailo's She is Like the Wind


                           Dailo's Lunar Eclipse x CH Alnairs Platinum Edition.

                                             Dailo's Forever Love.


                                            Dailo's The First Time.



                                           Dailo's Love is all around.



                         Dailo's Lunar Eclipse  x CH Talisman A' Escada

                                         Dailo's Tiger Prawn.


                                          Dailo's Pickled ginger.


                                                Dailo's Spicy tuna.


                  Dailo's Lunar Eclipse x Talisman behind the curtain.